Rain in the Arizona Desert (and the Renaissance Festival)!

Yes, I confess that my dirty secret is that I work at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. In fact this year is my 20th since starting. A long and mis-spent youth!

Here are some photos from this past weekend which was very very rainy and, when combined with a dry desert, results in some interesting flooding!

Trick or Treat!!

For his first Halloween, my wife and I argued briefly over what our son was going to go dressed as. I wanted him to wear the vintage Bronco’s jacket which we had found amongst my baby stuff, but she wanted him to wear this monkey outfit which “he” had chosen while going down the aisle at local store.

When we struck on the idea of a flying monkey, the argument was OVER. The fact that we already had a pair of witch’s legs sticking out of the bushes for Halloween decorations was just gravy.

I’m in your Desert. Representin’ yer WordPress.

Here’s another departure! A photo which I didn’t take. Instead, I fobbed my camera off on a passing stranger to take a snap of me and some cohorts manning a booth at a Product Fair which I was helping to man at the hosting company EIG in Tempe, Arizona.

I think I look like a (very pale) genie, about to grant wishes.

WordPress folks of the com and org variety!