Street Art

All across Europe there is beautiful street art to be seen. It’s not graffiti (or at least not just graffiti) and my wife is fairly obsessed with it as an art form. Everywhere we go, she is always on the lookout for more, and when she finds some, she has me photograph it. This is my favourite from the recent batches. 

I should really put together a collection of all of it one of these days!


Canyons Resort by night in Park City, Utah

It’s that time again. The Automattic Grand Meetup! And a few of us Automattician photographers have been going crazy this time around. There have been several photography-themed activities, including a night photo excursion tonight.

I don’t know how many shots I’ll be posting, but I really liked this one!

The Canyons Resort

Two . . . um . . . “elves”

For the first time in 20 years, I am not either working at a Renaissance Festival or getting a degree in Renaissance History (I took a couple of years off to get my MA). It’s not stopped me from visiting a couple of times though.

These two guys were having a great time goofing around and I got a ton of photos of them and their shenanigans. I even got one of the guy on the right trying on what was basically a medieval gimp mask and making kissy faces. It was . . . it was creepy.
Two . . . um . . . "elves"